A series of printed works formed through the collaging of printed place matter (original and found) with reductive and abstraction strategies.

Subjective and objective filters overlay lattices of digital/analog processes. Colours are constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed through digital cameras, printers, scanners, dust, time, software or cut and paste. Only non- specific points of origin prevail.

Colour as a language that simultaneously communicates via visual, emotive and heterogeneous components forming chromatic, temporal intermissions. Pauses in which place memory and self-narrative generate.

Chromatic Pause

col.122740.blueorange (object), 2015.

col.122740.blueorange (manner), 2015.

col.122740.blueorange (manner), 2015.

col.122740.bluegreen (object), 2015.

col.122740.bluegreen (manner), 2015. (subject), 2015. (manner), 2015. (object), 2015.

Editions of 3

Inkjet Summerset Rag Print, UV Perspex Glazing, Vivid White Enamel Finished Tasmanian Oak Frame.

1086mm x 796 mm x 38mm

Enquiries: or +61 411 718 144

col.122740.yellowgreen (object), 2015

col.122740.yellowgreen (manner), 2015

col.122740.yellowgreen (subject), 2015

Chromatic Pause, PRO{MERGING}ART, April 2015




private collection

private collection